Conference Planners

We have developed two online tools that provide personalised recommendations and timetables based on your publication profile on DBLP.

  • The web-based ECML-PKDD planner requires you to create an account or login with your OpenID. Once you’ve updated your personal profile with a link to your publications as listed on DBLP the system matches all abstracts against the titles of your publications and presents you with a recommended personal timetable.
  • The ECMLiPlanner iPhone app allows you to browse the conference programme (off-line) but also gives personalised recommendations in a similar way (the latter functionality requires you to register with the web-based planner as above).
    NB. Due to a last-minute schedule change all parallel morning sessions are 10 minutes earlier than shown in the app.

These conference planners are brought to you by the PreSift team: Ruthie Hambley, Tom Kelly, Louise Millard, Andrew Pickin and Simon Price. We hope you find them useful – feel free to email with your feedback.