Call for Proposals for ECML-PKDD 2014

The purpose of this call is to invite groups interested in hosting the ECML-PKDD conference in 2014.

Selection Process

All proposals submitted by the deadline below will be examined by the ECML PKDD Steering Committee and its Proposal Chairs, who may provide feedback in order to ensure that the quality of the proposal meets the standards of past ECML PKDD conferences.

The proposals will then be made available in electronic form to the ECML PKDD community, at ECML PKDD 2012. The final selection will be made at the public community meeting at this conference, where all proposals will be presented and discussed. The community will then decide upon the location and the chairs of the meeting in 2014 via a ballot vote among all participants of the meeting.

Selection Criteria

For the preparation of your proposal, please read the Guidelines for a Preparation of ECML PKDD proposals at

It contains a list of selection criteria that may influence the community decision, as well as some recommendations on desirable implementations.

Relevant criteria include

  • proposed dates and schedule
  • program chairs and organisation
  • venue and lecture rooms
  • budget and estimate for conference fees
  • accomodation and infrastructure
  • conference format and new ideas

However, your proposal may deviate from these recommendations. Feel free to include anything else that you believe might be relevant for assessing the quality of your proposal.

Submission Procedure

Please submit a document that addresses the above points to <>.

The submission deadline is September 17th, 2012.

Proposal Chairs

  • Johannes F├╝rnkranz (TU Darmstadt):
  • Joost N. Kok (Leiden University):